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White & Associates in-home care and assistance personnel can provide many types of professional assistance at the level our clients require. While most clients wish to care for themselves, and we encourage their independence, we’re ready to help with such things as:

Bathing & Personal Hygiene

  • bathing
  • shaving
  • shampooing
  • oral hygiene
  • skin care

Dressing & Grooming

  • help with buttons/zippers
  • getting dressed/undressed
  • hair/nail care
  • make beds/change sheets

Toileting & Continence

  • bowel/bladder training
  • clean up after accidents

Mobility & Exercise

  • help in walking
  • supervise physician-directed exercise
  • fall prevention

Diet & Meals

  • plan, shop and prepare meals
  • monitor diet for quantity and nutrition
  • assistance with feeding
  • clean up after meals

This level of care allows us to build relationships with clients, monitor their condition and assess daily needs.

Advanced Personal Care Services

At times, clients may remain at home, yet require specialized assistance due to procedures and equipment that can alter body functions. White & Associates offers the personnel and experience needed to handle these situations with dignity and professionalism. Such assistance may include:

  • Routine personal care of persons with ostomies (including tracheostomies, gastrostomies, colostomies all with well-healed stoma) which includes changing bags, and soap and water hygiene around ostomy site
  • Personal care of persons with catheters, which includes changing bags, and soap and water hygiene around site
  • Administration of prescribed bowel programs
  • Application of aseptic dressings
  • Assistance with noninjectable medications as set up by a licensed nurse
  • Passive range of motion
  • Use of assistive device for transfers

Contact your regional office to see how we can assist you with an advanced care need.


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