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Homemaker services are activities that provide home management and assistance with daily living activities or a regular basis. A client may have many needs and require this assistance in order to remain at home. The following services are part of our basic plan:

  • Plan and prepare meals, including special diet needs
  • Clean up after meals
  • Wash dishes and other kitchen utensils
  • Clean kitchen counters, cupboards and appliances, including oven, stove and inside refrigerator
  • Clean bathroom and fixtures
  • Make beds and change sheets
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop floors
  • Tidy and dust the home
  • Wash clothes and linens
  • Iron and mend clothes
  • Wash inside windows and clean blinds that are within reach without climbing
  • Bag all house trash and put out for pickup
  • Shop for essentials – groceries, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Run essential errands – get medications, post mail, etc.
  • Read/write essential correspondence for impaired clients
  • Help clients (when possible) to perform household tasks on their own

Some of our optional services include:

  • Wash walls and woodwork
  • Clean closets (basements/attics not included)
  • Air out mattresses and bedding
  • Spray for pests inside home with over-the-counter supplies
  • Provide rodent control inside the home
  • Wash or change curtains
  • Bag outside trash

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